Timeshare Closing For Less Pricing

Standard Timeshare Closing - $325.00*

Our Standard Timeshare Closing Includes The following:

  • Document Preparation: We professionally draft all documents necessary to transfer ownership (either a deed or right to use contract).
  • Closing Settlement Statement to Buyer and Seller: We provide these documents to inform each party what the breakdown of the closing costs are.
  • Collection of funds: We collect all the funds necessary to transfer ownership of the timeshare title, and we hold these funds in our escrow account until the transfer is complete.
  • Ownership Document Processing and Resort Notification: Once signed by the seller, we send the deed or right to use contract, immediately in for recording or for transfer. Once the deed is recorded, we forward a copy of the deed to the resort in order to complete the transfer. A copy is then sent to the buyer and seller for their records.

Estoppel Report - Included in Standard Closing*

Details any outstanding maintenance fees, taxes, and/or special assessments that are due or may become due.

* Some resorts charge a fee for this report otherwise, there is no additional charge for this service from us.

Copy of Deed - Our Cost

If you are unable to locate a copy of your original deed, than we will be happy to obtain a copy for you. Many counties provide access to deeds online, and we are happy to locate these for you at no additional cost. If a copy must be ordered, than we only ask that our cost be reimbursed.

Title Insurance - $100.00 to $300.00

Timeshare title insurance is not required, but it can assure the Buyer that there are no recorded liens or clouds on the title of the unit they are purchasing. Prices will vary by state. Please call for an exact quote.

Resort Transfer Fee

Most resorts charge a transfer fee. This fee is not included in our service, but we will be happy to facilitate the paperwork for you. Please call us and we will call the resort to verify if there are any additional fees at the resort level to transfer the timeshare.