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Timeshare Title Insurance, Timeshare Deed, Timeshare Title Deed, Timeshare Transfer, Timeshare Transfer Service, Timeshare Closing CompanyAll buyers will need to complete the Buyer’s Application.

All sellers will need to complete the Seller’s Application and the Seller’s Resort Release form. The release form allows us to speak to the resort on the behalf of the seller, and it is required to verify the specifics of timeshare and any fees that may be owed relating to the unit.

If the buyer or seller would like to pay the closing costs by credit card, use the Credit Card Authorization form. Unfortunately we are only able to take credit cards for our service fees and not for any escrowed funds.

The Timeshare Purchase Agreement outlines the specifics of the sale. While the Agreement is not required, it is recommended to have one so both the Buyer(s) and the Seller(s) are in agreement on all of the terms and conditions of the sale.

Buyer’s Application Excel PDF
Seller’s Application Excel PDF
Credit Card Authorization Form Word PDF
Check By Phone Authorization Form Word PDF
Timeshare Purchase Agreement Word PDF
Resort Release Form Excel PDF
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